Deer running across a hay field.

Been busy these past few months. Going though some older work, rebuilding the portfolios on my web page. Deleting albums on Facebook. Using Twitter more, @ShumanBk. Love following farmers and photojournalists on Instagram. I post some farm photos every couple of days while I’m working so follow me, BKSHUMANPHOTO.

Rebuilding the web site has giving me new hope. Looking through the past five or six years of work has help me to narrow my focus down on what type of photography and story telling I want to do moving forward in life.  My new direction will be more in depth story telling on agricultural and environmental issues that are local to my area. No point in doing a story if you can’t spend the time to dig in long and deep to the heart of the story because of cost and distance. The new hope comes from really looking at my work with a refreshed eye, I discovered that my work doesn’t suck ass. In fact some of it might even be good. So one thing I am planning on this year is to enter some contest and submit to some gallery shows. The hard part will be to remember. So we will see, maybe someone else will see value in my work. If it turns out to just have been a waste of time and money, so be it. Maybe I had some fun along the way.


I found this in my files and really like it.

A deer runs across a hay field in Clark County, Ohio. 2009.

Photo by: Bryan Shuman ©2014


If you have time check out my site at and let me know what you think. It will take me about another month to get it all done. But I think it is now better than before.






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