New to the Bag

Merry Christmas folks. I had some extra money to spend so it wouldn’t end up in the hands of the over spending government this year. So I pick up a new Canon 17- 40 f4 L lens and the Sigma 85 f1.4 to my kit. Love both of these so far, I need to get out and shoot more with them or get a model over to the studio to test them out. I have shoot enough with them to know that both are very good copies producing sharp images.

Be sure to stop by my Zivity page to check out my latest set with  TaylorWilliams. If you are not a member did you know that you can unlock a set for only two bucks. What a deal. or send me an email and I’ll send you a free trail good for thirty days.

Here are some teasers for Warming up the Place with TaylorWilliams.

Photos©2013 Bryan Shuman / BK Shuman Photography

Warming Up the Place-1 Warming Up the Place-4 Warming Up the Place-8 Warming Up the Place-18 Warming Up the Place-24




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