Throwback Thursday! Republic Credits are No good out here. I Need something more Real.

This is kind of far out there for me. But I said to myself, Why not!

This series of images using vintage Starwars action figures started because of a No Call, No Show model this Monday night. It would have be the first time shooting in two months outside of one senior portrait session. So with harvest out of the way, I am ready to get my creative side rolling again. The studio was ready to go, had the Canon 6d Wi-Fi set  up to transmit the images to the laptop right into Lightroom. This would have been the first time doing the wireless transfer while working with people.

So there I was in the studio ready to go. The call time came and went and no model.  No call, nothing. So what is a photographer to do? I’ll tell you what I did. ………………………..

Shot the shit below.

Warning might be unsuitable for kids! Violence, Guns, Sexual Nature

Story:   Republic Credits are No good out here. I Need something more Real.

Photography and text ©2013 Bryan Shuman / BK Shuman Photography

So Luke and the boys are out for a joy ride in the land cruiser on some far, far, far away distant plant.

Starwars-1 Starwars-2When something terribly goes wrong!


After dusting themselves off and getting the land cruiser off the rocks. The guys look at the damage.


While taking care of the repairs, they get land cruiser jacked.


After some careful negotiations. Which included Luke’s offer of credits being rejected. The bandits made a counter offer for their lives and land cruiser.


After all that the bandits give them a tow back to town.  Gas, Grass, or Ass. No body gets a tow for free.


So please people lets have no more No Call, No Shows. Have respect of others folk’s time. Plus it will keep me from doing stupid shit like this.




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