Now that harvest is in full swing, it gets hard to find time for retouching. I seldom do any model or client sessions this time of the year. Working 10 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week for a month or two can get old quick. Only days off are some rain days. I hope for a couple but not many. I willing want to get this harvest over with before Thanksgiving if not sooner. The sooner it over the faster I am back to doing my photography thing. Which beings me to today’s post. Below are a few promo shoots for The Country Bedroom. This is my new Boudoir photography service that I hope to be booking sessions by the end of November. My intimate Boudoir Photography is tasteful and elegant. I want to bring out the woman in you and make you feel special.

Model: Ariel G

AG07212013-66-Edit-Edit AG07212013-230-Edit-Edit-Edit AG07212013-474-Edit-Edit AG07212013-663-Edit-Edit

Boudoir photography is for woman of all ages over 18 and sizes. Women of Springfield, Ohio celebrate your body and do something amazing for yourself.



p.s for you photographers out there. The light for these come from a medium size soft box on a AB800 head. Camera used was a Canon 6D with the mk1 70-200f2.8 L IS. Except for the second picture down, natural light from a window just out of frame to camera left.


All photographs and text ©2013 BK Shuman Photography/ Bryan Shuman


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