The Country Bedroom

The Country Bedroom is a new service of Boudoir photography that I am going to be offering after this years crop harvest is done. I am still working on pricing and packages. What I do know as of now, none of the images from any client sessions with ever be put online by me.

I love shooting in this space. It is a vintage country bedroom that was last remodeled in the early 50’s. Over the next few blog post, I will be posting shots taken on the set. These shots are of models that I have photographed for using in promo pieces and sample products.  My intimate Boudoir Photography is tasteful and elegant. I want to bring out the woman in you and make you feel special. After all it is for his or her Eyes Only.

Model: Rebecca

_MG_0124-Edit-Edit _MG_0132-Edit _MG_0138-Edit-Edit _MG_0155-Edit-Edit _MG_0166-Edit-Edit _MG_0169-Edit-Edit _MG_0189-Edit-Edit _MG_0175-Edit-Edit

Boudoir photography is for woman of all ages over 18 and sizes. Women of Springfield, Ohio celebrate your body and do something amazing for yourself.



p.s for you photographers out there. The light for these come from a medium size soft box on a AB800 head. Camera used was a Canon 6D with the mk1 70-200f2.8 L IS.


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