Vacation Drive part#2

This is part two of the Vacation Drive. Part one can be found a couple of post back,  Here.

After spending a day at the house, the next morning we took off for Ohio Amish County in Holmes county, Ohio. About a two and a half hour drive from Springfield, Ohio. I like driving on the back roads as much as possible, I rather see the small towns than to by pass them all on the highways. The wife and I spent two days up there looking around. Below are some of the photos that I took on our travels.

This was a neat old train and grain yard in Delaware, Ohio.

_MG_0014 _MG_0005 _MG_0002 _MG_0011

I had high hopes of getting some stunning photos on this trip, but it ended up being a driving and shopping trip with very little time for picture making. Most of the images I shoot while on vacation were with the Canon G12.

Below are photos from Amish Country, Ohio.

_MG_0030 _MG_0020 _MG_0025 _MG_0041 _MG_0050 20130808-IMG_0793 20130808-IMG_0799 20130808-IMG_0800 20130808-IMG_0802 20130809-IMG_0805 20130809-IMG_0810 20130809-IMG_0813 20130809-IMG_0816 20130809-IMG_0818 20130809-IMG_0821

The day we got back home from Holmes County my retouching PC decided to die on me, of course it waited until after the vacation. So I ended up ordering a Dell XPS 8700. So far it has been great. Lightroom runs so much faster with 16GB of ram compared to just 6GB in the old PC.  I spent all of Labor Day weekend retouching photos that were shoot back in early August. So many faces and bodies to retouch, I might get close to done in a couple of more weeks.    Keep an eye out for the next post, I have new work with some awesome models to share.




All photos and text ©2013 Bryan Shuman / BK Shuman Photography


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