iPhone and Instagram

Every since I got an iPhone 4S this past spring, I have developed an addiction to Instagram. In the beginning I was just a causal user, but it grabbed ahold of me quickly. By my third post I was hooked. I started out by just posting farm related photos that I took while working, now I do a pic stitch after my photography session.
The iPhone has transformed the way my time is spent. Most days I can find five to ten minutes to read blogs that I fallow or put pic stitches together. Plus most of my social media needs while standing in lines. All this means that when I am home, I’m not sitting in front of the computer for a couple of hours each night doing those tasks. The fact that the iPhone has such a decent camera on it, means I almost always have a decent camera at hand. Which is the reason I made an account on Instagram. Here are a few of my earlier Ag related photos.

All photos and text copyrighted 2013 Bryan Shuman.






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