Vacation Drive

Time sure does fly by on vacation. First vacation in about five years. A week away from the farm is what I so needed the most. Spend some time relaxing while  working on the photography side of thing. I have have a lot of ideas in my head for photo stories and fashion stories. Getting the time to research, let alone the time to shoot some of my stories would be wonderful.
However that would not be this vacation. This vacation has been about driving, with very few photographs being made.
 We started out this past Friday morning at 6am driving to Detroit, Michigan. My stepdaughter Caroline had an orientation for the Japanese JET   Program. She will be teaching English in Japan for one to five years. Her plane  left Saturday afternoon for Japan.
 After we dropped her off at the air port,  Lorrie and I set out to find the best coney dogs in Detroit. Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island. Lafayette’s coney dog is by far the best I have ever  enjoyed eating. Tony Packo’s, in Toledo, Ohio is a very good coney dog and a bit famous because of the tv show M.A.S.H. Tony’s dog is not an American hotdog but a Hungarian sausage. Which is an inquiring taste.
 After enjoying the dogs and walking around downtown a bit, we hit the road. We drove west and southwest  and pulled in to Howe, Indiana around dinner time. Later that night after getting settled in to our hotel room for the night, the fire alarms went off. So we grab our shit and went outside for half an hour until they gave the all clear. The next day we drove to southern Indiana to visit the other stepdaughter in New Albany, IN. We stay in a hotel that night and about noon the next day started our way back home using country roads as much as possible. Once we reach Richmond, I was ready for some speed. I-70 took us the rest of the way home.
  I give props to the cross country truck drivers out there. After four days of driving I am happy to be back home for a few days.
 These are some photographs that I made durning my vacation travels.
Downtown Detroit.

Downtown Detroit.

20130804-IMG_0769   Lafayette and American Coney Island, Detroit.20130804-IMG_0771

Building detail. Downtown, Detroit.
Silver Lake, Indiana.
20130804-_MG_0004 20130804-_MG_0009 Etna Elevator. Etna, Indiana
 20130804-_MG_0032 Street Name Sign. Gas City, Indiana.
 20130806-IMG_0786 20130806-IMG_0787 Old Buildings in Hardinsburg, Indiana.
That’s it for this post.
All photographs and text ©2013 Bryan Shuman

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