Winter Kimono.

So have you ever shot with a new camera before testing it out? I did when I got the Canon 6d back over the winter. A couple of days later, Sam a family friend come over to shoot just for the hell of it. We had nothing planned for the shoot. It was freezing outside and getting darker by the minute. My stepdaughter put us a Japanese outfit together real quick, if that is really possible. I like a dumb ass, said lets go over to Old Reid Park , with the snow and ice it will be pretty. So we did in the freezing and blowing wind, it had to be close to zero out with the light fading fast from the overcast white sky. I shot fast.

I found out from this first shoot using the Canon 6d, my lenses needed some focus adjustment. The images were a little bit softer than I like. The camera was front focusing just a bit.

These are the images from that shoot. At that point in time all camera setting were still at Canon defaults. ISO ranged from 800-6400 with the Canon 70-200f2.8L IS. All natural light or lack of was used. The raw files were process in Lightroom 4, then ran through Silver Efex Pro as an infrared film in CS5.

All photos and text  ©2013 Bryan Shuman / BK Shuman Photography

Model: Sam

SH04062013-0187-Edit SH04062013-0196-Edit SH04062013-0234-Edit SH04062013-0244-Edit-3 SH04062013-0289-Edit SH04062013-0315-Edit-2 SH04062013-0326-Edit


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