Madeline Cole

All photographs and text ©2013 BK Shuman Photography/ Bryan Shuman

I finally got to work with Madeline Cole a few weeks ago. She really is a great local model from Dayton, Ohio. The drive from Dayton to Springfield, Ohio is a short and sweet one. The new homestead is easy to get to, compared to our old location. The session with Madeline was the first day this spring that the weather was really spring like. So I took advantage of the nicer weather to use some of the cool outside locations which are right out the back door. (Side note here, we moved during the fall  last year into an old family farm house.)

Planting update. We have about 60 acres of corn planting so far. This time last year we were done with the corn planting and working on soybeans. The weather is getting crazier every year. Enough farming chat.

Time for some photographs.

Model: Madeline Cole.

Find her on Facebook here. or at

BW- MC03302013-0124-BW- MC03302013-0172-Edit MC03302013-0416-Edit

Now isn’t she just pretty. Got to love them long, toned legs.

Something new I’m going to do is to give some background information on the images. These were shot with the Canon 6D and the Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS lens.  Post work was done in Lightroom 4.3 and CS5. JPGS were made from .psd files in lightroom. This is something new that I’m playing around with, so far I like the time savings.

The top two images were shoot in a screened in side porch off of the camera room. The lighting was 100% open shade.

In the third image, the main light comes in above and behind the model. The main light in this case was the white overcast sky. A 5-in-1 white reflector was placed about 6 feet away from the model on camera left for added fill. Also to the left of the camera is a very large white barn wall, kicking in all kinds of soft fill light.

The last photo was shoot in open shade on another side porch.

Till next time, have a good one.




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