Side trip to the Amish.

Last month we went to Detroit, Michigan (See post here) and on  the way back to Springfield, Ohio I made a side trip to Amish country in Holmes County, Ohio. The wife and I really enjoy traveling around this part of Ohio. It amazes me that in this day of age, the Amish still farm and live much the same way that my grant, great grandparents farmed back in the mid 1800’s. Our family farm was started back in 1862. So here are a few photos from the trip, we only spent a few hours driving around making photographs and doing some shopping in the Amish stores. We try to avoid the tourist traps places. We have found that if the store takes credit cards and have electric lights it is most likely ran by the English. So we try to shop at real Amish stores. The prices are usually lower when buying from the Amish. The English is what at the Amish call folks that are not Amish or Plain people. Here are a few photographs made during the trip.


_MG_0008 _MG_0011 _MG_0018 _MG_0025 IMG_0662 IMG_0670


All text and photographs ©2013 BK Shuman Photography / Bryan Shuman


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