Winter Fog


All Photographs ©2013 BK Shuman Photography / Bryan Shuman

 The above photograph was shoot on 1/3/13 up on the farm. I love shooting in the fog. There is going to be some big changes at BK Shuman Photography this year. First, I will be shooting a whole lot fewer models on trade for images this year. I am burnt out on the endless messages it takes to get a session set up, only for the model to cancel the day of the shoot. It gets even harder to put a whole team together in order to make some awesome fashion or glamour images. Second, I am tired of all the retouching of skin. I will still be having portrait session for paying clients, but shooting TF/images with models will soon be over for this year. I might shoot something with models for magazines submissions and art nudes, but that would be my limit.

 So what will I be working on if not shooting models, you ask? Well I plan to dive head into a couple of photographic essays. The first will be dealing with farming, land and water issues. The other one is a portrait series of local preachers. I plan on doing a lot of storm chasing this year also.

 If you are a model that has been wanting to work with me, better get a session set up with me by the end of this month.

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