St. Patty’s Day

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This past week I went to a lecture by Ron Haviv, an  international award-winning photojournalist. The lecture was a part of the 2011-2012 Wittenberg Series Visual Artist Residency. Two exhibits of Haviv’s work was on display. The first, titled Not In Our Name: 1989-2011 ran through today at the Springfield Center of the Arts. The second, titled Haiti: January 12, 2010 will run through Friday, March 30, in the Ann Miller Gallery, Koch Hall at Wittenberg University.

Mr. Haviv is the recipient of numerous honors, including the Leica Medal of Excellence(1989) and awards from the World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year(2001, 1995, 1991, 1989)  Overseas Press Club(2001, 1989).  Multiple museums and gallery’s have featured his work including the United Nations, The Louvre, and The Council of  Foreign Relations. He has also been published by Fortune, The NY Times Magazine, Time, and Vanity Fair and many more. He has published two critically acclaimed collections of his photography Afghanistan: On the Road to Kabul and Blood and Honey: A Balkan War Journal.

His lecture has enjoyable and insightful to his career. I really like his use of multimedia, combining video in to sideshows to help tell a more powerful story than if it was told with just still images.

I wish everyone would go look at his stories on his website. His website has a great deal of powerful content from his portfolios to his multimedia work. It is some of the most powerful and stunning work that I have seen in some time. The photojournalist that cover the conflicts of the world do it to make a difference, to change the world and stop violence. They do their part of getting the story out, how many more people must die in places like the Congo and Darfur before we, the rest of the world puts pressure on the powers to be to end it.  

Did you have your green on today? Maggie did. Maggie Brozio is the beautiful girl in the above slide show. These three shots are from a shoot I had with Maggie a couple of weeks ago. You can see more shots of Maggie on my facebook page and while you are there hit the “LIKE” button.


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