Tornado damage.

We went over to the  Scottsburg, Indiana area friday night  to visit with some friends and  family. Friday night we stayed at a Quality Inn which was anything but “Quality”, but I never expect much from a budget hotel chain. But come on..Quality Inn where are some standards. Saturday afternoon our friends drove us around in their minivan to see all the tornado damage in Marysville, Indiana.

  Marysville sits in the middle of BFE and is small little dot on the map. The EF4 tornado that went through the small farming community of a couple hundred folks destroyed the village on Friday March 2,2012. The last reports that I can find has the death toll at 39 for the 4 hardest hit states from the storms on March 2nd. Lorrie and I went in and out of Henryville, Indiana Saturday morning but with so much clean up happening with heavy equipment, we didn’t feel the need to be in the way. 

The photo from the top of the hill is overlooking Henryville. Rest of the photos are from around Marysville. Reports that I have seen say few, if any will rebuild in Marysville. Knowing a few folks from Indiana, I doubt that will be the case. Too many good people helping each other out to pick up the pieces and start again.


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