Back in Print

Harvest took for ever this past fall, so I had a lot of time to think while harvesting and waiting for grain trucks to get back from the silos. More than once my photography come in to my mind, where is it, where does it need to go, where is it really going, what do I need to do to get back on track or to just take the turn down the other path. I am sure these questions have gone through many of a creative minds over the years.

 Since my last post for the “365” project I have made some self discoveries about my work. First I am a portrait photographer. Second , I really like shooting in a faux glamour/fashion style. Third,  I Love working with other creative people.

So I set some new goals for the year.

1. Get published in print.

2. Rebuild web portfolios so they are themed by tone and color.

3. Shoot more paying jobs. Even if the pay is not even close to what I am normally charging.

4.  Get published in print.

5. Make contacts to shoot corporate environmental portraits for a new corporate portfolio.

6.-10. Get published in print.

Well I wasn’t thinking it would have happen so fast but I am in Print. Here are the tear sheets from Ellements Magazine. Ok, I know it’s not a newsstand magazine. Ellements is a print on demand magazine, but I say it is one step above self publishing because some one else made the decision on what to print or not. That and the quality is better than newsprint.

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All photos and text copyrighted by ©2012 Bryan Shuman.


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