Project 365 Day 267

Danielle Noir, Mayhem #2121194.

Did I mention that Danielle’s hair and make-up was spot on. Plus check out her nails, awesome. Danielle differently had her A game on during our shoot. I used more  natural light than normally. I had all my gear packed up and ready to load in the truck, when I decided that the Canon flash units could miss this outing. So that box stayed at home.
Setting up the Alien Bee ringflash with a 32″ moon unit was when I realized that my camera bag only had one Pocket Wizard in it. Shit, one does no good. The rest of them are at home in the flash box. I did fire it a few times using the camera’s  pop up flash, dialed way down and the AB’s built-in light triggering sensor. That worked as long as I was behind the AB. Not where I wanted the lens to be. So it ended up being a great day using the light from the huge windows, that just floods the 4th and 5th floors with beautiful soft light.

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