Project 365 Day 225

Reflections of Winter

Last month I got a Holga Wide pinhole camera. It uses 120 size film. Today I  just picked up the first shot roll of Kodak Ektar 100 film scanned on cd in a tiff. file from the lab. The lab needs to clean their flat-bed. I only had three of the six frames scanned, it was only a test roll. The reason this photo is not a panoramic is that the shutter release cable failed to fully open the slide over the pinhole. I believe that a paper clip welded to the end the plunger of the cable release  using JB Weld will do the trick.  Half the frame use not exposed, forming a very server and sharp vignette which I cropped out. The exposure is somewhere around 8 to 9 seconds at F172. There is a little Photoshop going on here to achieve mood.

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