Project 365 Day 126- Photographs by Chandler Tyrrell

Fall is here with shorter and cooler days. Harvest on the farm is over, equipment cleaned and put away. It still needs to be painted to help fight off rust. There is a lot to be done after harvest. Get harvest records in order for crop insurance and the USDA, enter a years worth of spray records in the computer and start taxes,etc,etc. Plus all the outside work that needs to be done to be ready for winter.

I am out of content for the next few days as I have not had a chance to shoot anything. So I will use the next few days to highlight the work of other photographers. The first is a good friend of mine from the days when I lived in Columbus, Ohio. Chandler Tyrrell’s work I find to be of interest for its simplistic subject matter and compositions. Often his work hints at surrealism. See more of Chan’s work here

Photo by: Chandler Tyrrell All Rights Reserved by the photographer.


Photo by Chandler Tyrrell. All Rights Reserved.

Chan is selling Prints of his work here.
Let me give my thanks to Chan for his permission to highlight a few of his photographs over the next couple of days. Thanks Chan, also thank you for your comments and opinions on my photography work.

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