Project 365 Day 68

Ghost Head. Plattsburg High School. Plattsburg, Ohio 2010.


Here is another picture from that hallway on the first visit. You will notice the differences from yesterday’s photograph, the orbs are gone and the blob is still near the chair. Take a closer look at the left wall against the door about half way down.

What is it? Some might claim that it is nothing but a smear or discoloration of the wall. Having been there and looked for evidence to support such claims I found none on the second visit. So what is it, a ghost? Z on fb pointed out the orbs could be a hall monitor asking for my hall pass in yesterday’s post. LOL

Have a closer look.

This hallway is also a ghost site. On a EVP tape there are four ghost hunters standing in this hall talking over themselves like they do and in the background one can hear what sounds like the whole roll of lockers rapidly opening and closing repeatedly. WOW.

I leave the decision of what it is to you. Is the Plattsburg High School haunted? That I leave to you also. 

This photograph to me is a ghost teacher peeking her head around the classroom door checking on all the commotion in the hall.


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