Project 365 Day 61

The furnace room is a ghost site from what the owner told me. This old furnace still burns coal. One day last winter the owner ( Lets just call him Jim), Jim was firing up the old furnace with some coal. The coal is in a little room right in front of the furnace. He found a big piece that was too big to burn, so he was going to take out in to the hall to smash it into some smaller pieces that would fit in the furnace. Jim got to the doorway of the room which is just to the left of the photograph along the back wall, when he heard an older man say in a loud voice  ” Put my coal back.” Jim drop the coal and left. Jim was the only one in the building at that time. I did not try this.

Old Coal Furnace. Plattsburg High School. Plattsburg, Ohio 2010


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